Global Focuses on Acquiring Vacant Big Box Retail Stores

Global Focuses on Acquiring Vacant  Big Box Retail Stores

July 20, 2019

Global’s main focus for 2019 is to locate and acquire vacant, big-box retail stores that we can convert into 3rd generation climate-controlled self-storage facilities. Global has developed a robust, working model that allows us to be a low-cost com-petitor as we continue to search for undervalued and over-looked properties in secondary and tertiary markets. We have constructed a precise, cost-efficient formula that gives us an advantage to search for the correct demographics that make a self-storage investment a viable solution for a specific area: population/growth metrics, median household income, 1-3-5 mile radius analyses of car traffic, competition etc.

While we always continue to search for value-add opportunities that make sense for us and our capital partners, we believe that we have the right tools in the toolbox to secure under-valued assets that we can successfully acquire and convert to self-storage. Moreover, we continue to vastly search various marketplaces around the country, however; we currently have a strong interest in the Northeast markets as well as the Southeast and Southwest markets.